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Welcome to our Testimonial Page!

Here you will find some pictures and letters from our extended family of puppy and older dog customers.

We are so proud of the owners of these puppies/dogs and thankful for the love and care that they have put into raising them. It's so wonderful to see how our von Bundaberg puppies and older dogs have fit in so well in their new homes and truly become an important addition to their new families.

Enjoy your visit!


Bundaberg Odin

30 MAY 1996

I am Delighted to inform you that Bundaberg Odin and his new handler have successfully completed their initial course and are now deployed operationally at Great Yarmouth, where they have already achieved some encouraging results.

Once again, thank you for your invaluable support of our dog sections.

PC Jerry sutton
Dog Training


CH Laios van noort, SON

VA4 (AU) Laios van Noort

Born : 08. December 1987

We hope you enjoy this section. It is full of great photos, and letters from our dear clients.

28 April 2011

Hi Graham - I noticed pictures of Boris on your website at age 8 weeks. Here he is 4 and a half years later - a beautiful and majestic dog. Not a day goes by without strangers on the common commenting on how beautiful and well behaved he is. You will remember that he was the Alpha dog from his litter and bringing him up was not without challenges - and he can still be a challenge! He is confident, assertive and thanks to a fantastic trainer - Jennifer Dobson - is well behaved and an absolute joy. I will send you another picture where you can see his gorgeous colour.

Phyllis Stacey



We are so pleased with Otto, He is full of character & mischeif. He has bought alot of joy to our family, He is a credit to you. The amount of remarks we have had from people saying how hansome he is, how friendly & well behaved. He is doing brilliantly in his training & he is loving his walks. He gets on great with our other dogs, horses & cat! We knew that when we came to view your puppies there was only one left and we did not have a choice in purchasing any of the other puppies but we are so glad that Otto was the only one left! We could not of asked for a better puppy.
Thank-You so much for breeding the dogs you do!
Here are some photo's we have taken - We will keep you updated in Otto's progress.
Best Wishes

The Horwood Family

Born May 1999 litter sister Selina @ Bundaberg now 12 years in May .2011

Good evening Graham

I have been meaning to be in touch as our Shepherd, Bundaberg Xandra born May 1999, is getting on a bit!  We would like her to be around to teach a new puppy the ropes of being a farm and family dog so thought we should get our skates on .

Have had my mind jogged to ring you several times as over the last year I have bumped into about five young shepherds that I singled out and just asked them if they happened to be Bundaberg lines and they all were. I thought this was a great stamp of breeding – not my skill just what I like! - and was so glad that you were still breeding.

Do you have any litters due, or puppies available?  We would like a bitch which I know means we may have to wait on some list.

Look forward to meeting you again soon and coming to meet some of your dogs.


Julie Dinnis

Dear Graham,

Thank you for letting us come and see your wonderful German shepherds and especially for letting us buy beautiful Inka. She really is just what we were looking for. Both Julie and I could not believe our luck at finding such a  wonderful German shepherd. Within the first ten minutes of meeting  Inka we both knew she was the one for us and we are not impulsive people at all. To be honest, I had prepared myself for spending many months on the phone talking to German shepherd breeders,trawling the internet and travelling around the Country looking at litters before deciding on  the right dog to be a part of our family.

Thank you for your hospitality, taking the time with us and giving good advice on caring for Inka. It became obvious to us very quickly that we had found  a German shepherd breeder with a genuine passion for the  breed and exceptionally  high standards in improving the bloodlines, we could see that straight away in your beautiful dogs and this put our minds at rest that we were buying from the right person.

We are really looking forward to collecting Inka next Thursday, in fact Inka has been the only topic of conversation in our house since we got back from seeing her, our boys are very excited and have been asking to  buy toys and treats for her. They will be coming with us when we come to collect Inka and we shall be arriving around 2pm.

Tony and Julie Lavelle / MAY 2010

Hi Graham and Anita,

Thought I would send you a picture of Merlin (we changed it from Chopper after too many adverse comments in the first few days) He is a dear little chap and has settled in with his mates. He learns quickly and is clean already IF we leave all the doors open. He has met so many people and is a happy little dog with a lovely temperament. Very best regards

Janet and Barrie Christie

HI Graham

Thought we would drop you an e-mail to show you what Bo looks like now at 9 months old All the Best

Chris & Rebecca

Hello Graham,

Its been almost a year since we got Barney (Bundaberg Eagle!!!) from you. I thought you may like to see some pictures of how he's grown since then. He's doing fine and has the best temperament that I could hope for.

Best regards


Hi Graham

I thought you may like a photo of Lily (Bundaberg Disco). It was taken at Paws in the Park when she as 7 months old. I think she is the best shepherd I have owned. A wonderful temperament intelligent and a quick learner. The tanker driver who picks our milk up says he is frightened of dogs but not of Lily. At club one person said they don't like shepherds, but they like Lily. Every one falls in love with her. She appears to have no aggression, She takes everything in her stride, by the way she moves beautifully. A number of people have commented on her movement. I have had a little success at exemption shows. She won best Puppy at Brede. They either love her or hate her,She does not like showing, not enough going on. She has just gained the Bronze Good Citizen at 9 months. 2 Trainer have said she shows potential for obedience. So I am working on that. She has never been worried by the cows. Just walks through them, She did start herding them at the end of the summer.

Hope all is well with you and that the other puppies from her litter are as wonderful as she is Stephanie

(Bundaberg Disco).

Hi Graham

Thank you so much for all the help you have given me regarding the new member of our family (Ebby).  It was great to come along to meet  your dogs and to see how happy they are.  I know it was a hard decision letting us have a dog that you had kept for yourself but I promise you she will be much loved, given the correct exercise and of course mentally stimulated. 

Having spent time with your other dogs and you I am confident that we are now the proud owners of a very intelligent, well tempered dog.  And what a beauty!!! What can I say - my family and I are in love with a 7 month old GSD.  Tally (that's her name today!!) has settled in wonderfully.

She has met my neighbours' English Setter and played happily, she has growled at the gardener - which he and I are quite happy about because I want her to be cautious of everyone the first time she meets them.  She has eaten when fed and even brings in her empty dog bowl afterwards, she has been to the loo outside and although she wonders around collecting shoes and stones and rocks (??) she just takes them to her bed, so as yet nothing has been chewed. We look forward to meeting up for a walk very soon - and I will keep you updated on her progress.

With best wishes

Bundaberg Ebby

Hi Graham,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for your time on Tuesday.  I left your house feeling 100% confident about the puppy that I am getting, and was totally reassured by your dedication and love for the breed which came across in abundance.  All of your dogs are beautiful, and it was so nice to be able to see the eldest down to the pups.  I'll call you in a couple of weeks to set up a time and date for another visit.

Best regards

Richard & Vicky

Kaiser @ 8 weeks

10 weeks.

6 month.

Hi Graham.

Just dropping you a quick line to say thank you so much for a most wonderful pup.  Kaiser is absolutley fantastic  He is so good, calm, intelligent and very strong willed!!! He has a great appetite and has doubled in size within 2 weeks! He has the most amazing colour, which is developing every day. Once again, many thanks.

Richard & Vicky.


Hi Graham

Just to let you know that Boris (that is what we decided to call him) has settled in superbly, hardly a squeak out of him at night and doing well on the potty training. He has a wonderful nature and is very easy going.Will follow up with a few pictures later in the week

Kind Regards

Brett Stacey


4 weeks.

Boris @ 8 weeks.


Hi Graham

Jess is doing brilliantly

Our vet admired her for her looks and temperament and size!

She amazes us with her calm acceptance of everything! She is so good!!

She sleeps through the night and is fantastic during the day – loves to play, but also likes to just watch us!!

A pup in a million!

Chris and Larry



4 weeks

8 weeks & 9 months.


8 weeks & 9 months.


Hi Graham

Just thought we should drop you a line to say how really please we are with our Woody! He is great and has fitted in really well with us, he is growing fast and eating everything! He talks to you in his own way and its like he's always been here and gets on well with the children. Hope you are well and thank you again, we shall email you again with an update.

Nick & Clare Webb



Bundaberg Bondi Babe, Sophie

DOB 20/08/2004

These are the top GSD Bitchs for 2008

Scores are taken from the Ch Show results on this website

1st Place 3 points, 2nd Place 2 points, 3rd Place 1 point

CC 6 points, Res CC 3 points, BOB 3 points

Bundaberg Bondi Babe@Sharshad 3

Having viewed several litters of G.S.D. Puppies, as soon as we saw Graham and his litter of pups, and mum, who was friendly, playful and in wonderful condition (as were all the puppies), a top class pedigree as well, we knew we were onto a winner.

Sophie won her first show at only 6 months at Horley and district open, best G.S.D. Puppy. Her success continued on from there. Winning at Gravesend & medway towns, S.E.S.H., Tunbridge Wells, Five Ashes, and Best Puppy in show at Herstmonceux.

At Kent county show we were lucky enough to meet Videx Omar at Devat, Sophie's dad. What a wonderful and lovely dog he is. You can see why he has two CC.Two top class dogs, and a breeder like Graham who did everything right, you couldn't fail to have a wonderful dog like Sophie. She is loving and loyal loves to swim and thanks to Graham is football mad. Regards Glynis

Bundaberg Steffi (Jess) .

She has been part of our family since Dec 2002 and is now spoilt rotten! She is just like a human, she is so funny, and loyal and loving! I have attached a photo, as I thought you might like to see her!

Gemma Duke

Father, Zasko vom lerchenwald.

Mother:Xantippe izzie@ Bundaberg




Father, Zasko vom lerchenwald.

Mother:Xantippe izzie@ Bundaberg

CH Laios van noort, Daughter.

Bundaberg wallarah 16 weeks

Bundaberg wallarah 14 MONTHS


G sherwood

Father: videx Omar at Devat.

Mother:Bundaberg Tamara.

Bundaberg Bellissima aka Sala

Dear Graham and Annette

A belated Happy New Year to you both.  So sorry not to be in touch before but have been waiting until we had some decent photos to send.

As you can see Sala now accompanies me out riding and loves it.  She has completed bronze, silver and gold training classes and learnt quickly.  We are thoroughly enjoying her.  She continues to have a good tempermant and loves other dogs and people.  Despite continuing in Wimbledon for the time being the Common is fantastic for walking, training and socialising and she gets lots of other variety too.  It's taught her to cope with runners, walkers, golfers, horses (already solved with my own life-style).  She listens well and apart from teenage stages aims to please.  What more could one ask.
Hope you are happy with her development thus far.  We certainly are
Very best wishes

Jill and Joe Straughan  

Bundaberg Atlas

Hello Graham.

Just thought I'd drop you a line as promised 2 years ago when I first became

the proud owner of my German Shepherd, 'Bundaberg Atlas' out of Bundaberg Tamara / Norwulf Kimbo.

His home name is 'Zak'

In the last 2 years he has grown into a fantastic dog weighing in now at 43.5kgs.

He attends school twice a week, Monday and Friday at obedience classes and is doing very well.

He has obtained at the Club;

A) Puppy Foundation

B) Bronze and Silver Good Citizen award and is working towards his Gold.

C) Recieved a plague for 2nd place for most show awards in year 2005

D) In summer 2005 he attended 2 shows;

(1) First Bexley Dog Training Club Companion Show where he got 5th for 'most Handsome dog'

(2) GSD Rally in Dartford where he got;

1ST in Best Teenager 12-24 months

1ST in Best Standard Teenager in show

1ST in Best Head in show.

2ND in Open (any age) Standard Coat

3RD in Best Condition Standard

I'll let you know what he does in 2006 now he's in with the 'big boys'!!

He loves nothing more than going into rivers (and puddles) as well as the sea. He has an excellent temperament and is a very loving dog, although try telling cats, passing horses or anyone on a bike !!

Best wishes

Teresa Andrews